• We make fresh balms daily; most are shipped within days of being made. They do not contain any artificial preservatives. Our balms are made from fresh food grade ingredients and should be purchased and used as such. We recommend using your tube of Hurraw! Balm within a year of opening, and storing in a cool, dark environment. (FYI, laboratory stability tests place expiration at 3 years 'on the shelf’ but that is not optimal) and storing it between 40-72° F (4-22° C).

    Our balms are very heat stable but ‘melt & solidify’ cycles will change the texture and can impact oil stability. Keep it from melting in a hot bag at the beach, locked in your car in the summer heat, or stuck on the dash while you ski in sub zero temps and you’ll preserve the original creamy texture through the end of the tube.

    Batch Codes:
    We manufacture our products in our own dedicated manufacturing facility. An alpha-numeric code is printed on the bottom of each tube, the side of each jar or the fin of our aluminum tubes; tracking our ingredients is an important part of the process!

    The first initials represent the flavor/SKU. The first and second digit denote the recommended use-by date (The first of which is the month; 1-9, Oct, Nov, Dec. The second of which is the year in which it is dated for expiry). The third digit is an internal tracker that indicates the specific batch number of the month.

    For Example:

    Product with the batch code CO372 = Coconut Lip Balm, with a recommended shelf-life of March of 2027. Indicating that this product was manufactured in the second batch of March, 2024.

    CO372 = Coconut
    CO372 = March
    CO372 = 2027 (-3 years for manufactured date of 2024 )
    CO372 = 2nd batch of the month

    For more info about our products, ingredients, certificates and standards, visit: https://hurrawbalm.com/pages/about