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Baume à Lèvres Lune

Baume à Lèvres Lune

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Hourra ! Baume à Lèvres Lune

Sans abeille, sans karité, sans soja, sans palme.

73% Certifié Biologique.

Certifié Ecocert COSMOS - 100% Origine Naturelle.

Extra épais, crémeux et riche; ce baume a une sérieuse tenue.

Le parfum de vanille et de baume du Pérou vous endormira. La camomille bleue riche en azulène apaise vos lèvres pour de véritables z de beauté!

Hourra ! Baume à Lèvres Lune

Regardez ce qu'il contient...

Huile de fruit d'avocat : épaisse, verte et riche en vitamines. Exceptionnellement élevé en A & E.

Huile de graines de rose musquée : Combat les lèvres sèches et possède d’étonnantes propriétés de rajeunissement.

Huile de graines de limnanthe : Puissante capacité hydratante. Aime adhérer aux lèvres, ce qui en fait un excellent assistant pour prévenir la perte d'humidité nocturne.

Huile de noyau d'argan : "Or liquide" dit-on... nous serions d'accord. Super réparateur et hydratant; parfait à utiliser la nuit!

fabriqué avec des ingrédients biologiques, végétaliens et bruts.™

Ingrédients (INCI) : huile de Persea gratissima (avocat)*, cire d'Euphorbia cerifera cera (candelilla), huile de Cocos nucifera (noix de coco)*, huile de graines de Carthamus tinctorius (carthame)*, huile de fruit Olea europaea (olive)*, Ricinus communis ( huile de graines de ricin*, beurre de graines de Theobroma cacao (cacao), huile de graines de Limnanthes alba (écume des prés), huile de noyau d'Argania spinosa (argan), huile de graines de Rosa rubiginosa (églantier), arôme/arôme, tocophérol, Chamomilla recutita (camomille bleue ) huile de fleur, huile de Myroxylon pereirae (baume du Pérou), huile de graines d'Helianthus annuus (tournesol), graine de Vanilla planifolia (vanille)*, benzoate de benzyle‡, cinnamate de benzyle‡, alcool d'anis‡ (‡composant naturel de l'huile essentielle ou de l'arôme)

*ingrédient certifié biologique 76 % biologique 14 % sauvage 100 % naturel
Hurraw Balm est certifié biologique par le ministère de l'Agriculture du Montana (USDA Organic Regulators) et COSMOS Natural certifié par Ecocert (organisme de certification biologique de l'UE). Les produits Hurraw Balm sont sans gluten.

Hourra ! Fabriqué aux Etats-Unis. Certifié végétalien. Certifié sans cruauté. Ecocert COSMOS NATUREL. Sans OGM. Certifié végétalien par Vegan Society.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Free Sample

I'm super grateful that Hurraw included this as a free sample with my order. It's definitely more moisturizing than the other formulas (probably thanks to the Avocado oil). Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of the scent.

Nothing works for me, but Moon Lip Balm

I was gifted a moon lip balm in December (best gift ever) and at first i was hestitant because i’ve tried everything on the market for my lips. My lips are super sensitive and it will react badly no matter what i use. At first use of the Moon Lip balm, i was intrigued. The scent, the feel, the sleek tube. I was afraid to wake up with dermatitis on my lips after first use, but that didn’t happen! Anyway… i love the moon lip balm, but sadly as time flew by i lost the lip balm somewhere! I literally flipped my home and car upside down trying to find it.. I’ll just purchase another! Best lip balm ever. ok bye’

THNX for the MOON luv ♥️ !

Moonlight Magic

Moon is my top Hurraw! Balm. Number one. All time favorite in my years as a fan of Hurraw! Balms. The scent is the very essence of calm. Dramatic as that may be. But Moon has been an experience for me. Every time I use it, it instantly relaxes me and brings me back to warm summer nights being lulled to sleep by cool winds and gentle moonlight. It’s the most perfect herbaceous blue chamomile and sweet vanilla I’ve ever smelled. I don’t just use it for night. It’s a balm I use during the day when I need intense soothing moisture. If I put it on before bed, I will wake up with it still on my lips. All Hurraw! Balms are creamy and smooth. The smoothest actually. But this one is that x10000000. I will never be without it. I just got an order in today and I already had a Moon Balm tube and slider I have been working through, so I didn’t grab another one. But I am getting close to running out. I know Hurraw! gives a free lip balm with every order, but I already have a bunch of the Choco Mint, orange vanilla and cherry vanilla from past orders! And I don’t use them as much as my fav flavors. So I took a chance to ask them if they’d include a free Moon instead. That way I have a back up and that way I KNOW it will get used up. And they did!!! I also made sure to let them know that they kick a**. and are hands down the most personable, committed, kind, and trustworthy company I have had the pleasure of ordering from. Thanks for the free Moon guys!!!! If you ever need a a sponsor, remote social media poster, or need help with newsletters or any writing (I’m a freelance writer), you know where to find me ;)

SAM! You completely made our day and it's customers like you that keep us keepin' on! Thank you for taking the time to write all those nice reviews on our balms, we are so glad you love them ❤️ !! Mwah!